Our organic spirits are produced in small batches and handcrafted and blended.

We use both copper pot stills and batch distillation columns to produce our organic spirits.

We use only our own organic cane (molasses and cane juice) to produce our organic neutral spirits and rums.

We use locally sourced and/or wild harvested herbs and fruits for our botanical spirits.

We age our organic rums and gins onsite in imported American oak, French oak and locally sourced woods previously used for wine maturation.

Our distillery is closed-loop and carbon neutral. Our stills are steam driven by a boiler fired with sugar cane bagasse, which is a waste product of sugar cane production. The water we use is drawn from a deep water aquifer, used in the facility to produce steam and the discharge collected and recycled in our cooling ponds (to be used again at the sugar mill and/or distillery). The waste from our distillation is either used in future rum fermentations or is treated with an organic compliant enzymatic process to separate the solids from the liquids. The solids are dried and mixed into our organic fertilizers that are used in our cane fields and the liquids are discharged into our cooling ponds to be used in our steam cycle.

Quality distillation at its best

Organic Rums, Gins and other Distilled Spirits

Bulk Organic

Certified 96% Cane Neutral Alcohol

Nearly two decades of producing organic 96% alcohol for our customers all over the world.