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We Are Devoted to Producing

Quality organic & Fair Trade
distilled spirits

Promoting dramatic positive changes for the families and communities that help to grow our organic sugar cane crops


In 1994, our Sugar Mill was the first in the world to become organic certified. Today, our organic certifications include: USDA NOP, EU, JAS, Bio Suisse, Korea Organic, and Canadian COR. These certifications and required audits and inspections dictate that our sugar cane cultivation, harvest, processing and packaging all be conducted with approved organic methods. This means that no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, processing agents or any other chemical agents are used. This ensures that there is no trace chemicals in the products we produce nor chemicals placed into the soils or runoff into adjacent water bodies.


Our sugar mill and distillery are driven by steam, powered by firing the sugar cane bagasse (dried crushed sugar cane stalks) remaining from our sugar production. We produce 100% of the energy required for our production. Furthermore, we recycle all of the water used for the steam energy in a closed-loop system in order to conserve as much water as possible.


We used the dry sugar bagasse produced at the sugar mill to fire the boilers that produce steam energy to drive our factory and distillery. The waste products from our alcohol distillation column are treated to remove the water, dried and then mixed at the proper ratios with other organic matter to produce an organic fertilizer that we use on our sugar cane crops.