Legado Organic Distillery builds upon our rich history in Organic Fair Trade sugars

Our Beginnings

A quarter century of
experience in production

Our Sugar Mill is the world’s oldest organic sugar mill, producing organic sugars since 1994. It is a well-known sugar mill in the organic industry and the quality of its organic sugar and molasses are widely respected and accepted as some of the best in the market. Our story builds upon this prized history of being at the front edge of the organic movement and of being one of the earliest adopters of Fair Trade principles with our distillery, Legado Organic Spirits Distillery.

Legado in Spanish means “Legacy”. Indeed, with our mill having realized such great success in the organic realm and having made such a great impact on local farming communities and families with its strict and dedicated adherence to Fair Trade principles, our mill has created a lasting legacy.

With this distillery, we continue this tradition of stewardship for our environment and serving the communities that produce the organic crops by adhering to Fair Trade principles.

Our distillery will forge its own Legado by producing the most sought after and respected organic and Fair Trade spirits available.

Organic Alcohol
& Organic Rums

More Than
20 Year Of Experience

We also are the world’s oldest distiller of organic certified 96% alcohol and aged rums. Paraguay has a long and treasured history of producing rum. Likely dating back to the times of spanish colonization and introduction of sugar cane to the country, distilled spirits have been made from the sweet fresh juices and molasses produced by the sugar mills.

Our rums are special and unique not only because they were the first to be organic and fair trade certified, but also because they are paraguayan. The incredibly fertile soils of paraguay produce the best organic sugar cane in the world. Additionally, paraguay sits atop the second largest and the purest aquifer in the world…..The guarani aquifer. By combining our organic production with the already rich soils and amazingly pure deep aquifer mineral water, we produce an organic molasses with an incredible flavor profile. From this organic molasses, we distill our alcohol and produce our organic rums.

About us

Meet our team

Ariel Felippo

Partner / Mill Director

David Schroeder

Partner / Head Distiller

Andrew Hatfield

Partner / US Office

All of our organic raw cane sugars, molasses, alcohols and rums are 100% GMO-free and are certified organic under the USDA National Organics Program (NOP), Japan Agriculture Standard (JAS), EU 2092/91, and Bio Suisse (Switzerland) standards. All of our sugar products are also Kosher certified and can be Fair Trade certified as well.