Our rums are special and unique not only because they were the first to be organic and Fair Trade certified, but also because they are Paraguayan. The incredibly fertile soils of Paraguay produce the best organic sugar cane in the world. Additionally, Paraguay sits atop the second largest and the purest aquifer in the world…..the Guarani Aquifer. By combining our organic production with the already rich soils and amazingly pure deep aquifer mineral water, we produce an organic molasses with an incredible flavor profile. From this organic molasses, we distill our alcohol and produce our organic rums using both copper pots and continuous columns.

Of all distilled spirits, rum best retains the natural taste of its base, because:
(1) the step of turning starch into sugar is unnecessary;
(2) it can be distilled at a lower proof;
(3) chemical treatment is minimized;
(4) and maturing can be done with used casks.

  1. Fresh white organic rums at various grades of alcohol (from 38-94% ABV depending on customer specifications)
  2. Barrel-aged 1-3 years and supplied at cask strength (61-65%) which is light golden to amber in color
  3. Specialty Over-Proofed Rums, such as 151 (75.5% ABV), flavored and concentrated Spiced Organic Rums
  4. Paraguayan-style rums. The traditional Paraguayan rum, called “caña paraguaya” is a rum aged in barrels or vats made from a native Paraguayan tree called “Incensio”.  The wood is deeply aromatic and lends a very rich and unique flavor to the rum.  However, instead of using cane syrup, the Legado way of producing caña paraguaya is done by using our organic molasses instead of cane syrup.  We believe it provides a more full-bodied rum and more delicious spirit
  5. Custom Specification Rums such as Havana-style rums that have been aged using wine casks instead of whiskey casks


Our organic gin is a clear distillate with organic juniper berries and other organic herbs added to give the spirit its traditional taste. Again, what sets our apart though is that it comes from sugar cane and not the typical grain input. We work with customers to custom formulate and blend to their satisfaction and make that recipe proprietary to the client.


Legado’s organic vodkas are interesting since they are made from sugar cane and not using the traditional grain or potato recipe. They are however clear and do not have a special taste or aroma. We can however, based on customer specifications and desire, flavor with floral essence, aromatic herbs or fruits. We’ve even produced a Scandinavian aquavit, flavored with organic caraway seed. We can also produce organic certified vodkas produced from “mandioca” also known as “Yuca root”.

organic tropical brandies

Paraguay is a sub-tropical country rich with an abundance of exotic fruits such as guavas, mangoes and many other tropical fruits. With these, Legado produces organic and/or wild harvested brandies.


These are European style schnapps, distilled directly from organic fruit juices. These include flavors like “Honey & Pear”, “Cinnamon”, “Peach” amongst others.